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It’s Monday morning. Last night I had another groupcall of the Mentorship Mastermind. During the call they asked the question: What Aspect of your Personality Adds Most Value to the World? – Well that’s a damn hard question. The first thing that came to my mind and that I talked about was my playfulness, making life a little bit more fun and a little less serious. I’m not talking about drastic changes. But just some low key things and motivation with small things.

But then I wondered: Is this though? Is that really what makes me unique and what I contribute to this world… Compared to someone like John or Josh – am I really that joyful? Fun? Compared to someone like Genesis or Sandi, am I really this bright soul? This shining light? (yeah guys and girls you truly are) My word of intention is ‘Positive Energy’ – so I don’t already have this? Who am I…

Friends have told me that I am a fun friend. I’m not funny no, apparently my sense of humor is a particular one(thank the universe I did find someone who thinks I’m hilarious). But I AM a fun friend.  Or so I have been told. And I do believe in that. But why?

I undertake stuff. I am alive. I am a little bit crazy. And I take people with me.

I remember I was in Bali and I had to meet new people. I went to this party and I saw some guys talking that looked like they were a nice bunch. So I swiftly, but a bit awkwardly, stepped into the group and said: “I’m just sliding into this conversation”. It’s not like we became close friends, somehow I didn’t quite fit in the group – which is not the topic of this story right now so moving on. But that energy. That is me.

I remember the time I did a workshop in Barcelona which was about stepping outside your comfort zone to get closer to leadership? Or something like that, I don’t exactly remember to be honest (sorry Dror). We had to step up, and do stuff: punch someone (with boxing gloves) or act out a pice of the Lion King. So I did. Without hesitation. At the end of the workshop. We went outside and had to do these small tasks; like give out free hugs, stage a proposal or dance with a stranger. The best one: Ask people where the Eiffeltower is. Hilarious. I loved it. It was fun, active, crazy. That is me.

I remember one time I was in London, travelling alone, looking online for fun, social things to do. And I came across this ukulele night in a café, somewhere a bit outside the city center. I thought: why not. I could get kidnapped while there sure but let’s see. So I went. There were about 50 people, all having a ukulele, and playing the same songs. As did I. To be honest, I had never held one in my life and I have no musical bone in my body (I think?). But I did it anyway. That is me.

This is me. In small groups or amongst friends. In a big group that’s a no-no. But with my friends. I am like that. Think outside the box. Act outside the box. Have an impulse to do some thing? Go do it.

This is me. I do gently motivate(or push) people outside of their comfort zone. Go on that swing – ignore the strange looks from the parents. Give a compliment to a stranger because their hair looks cute. Skip through the streets hand in hand with your friend. Dance in the middle of the store because your favorite song comes on. Run. Play. Be alive.

Life sometimes can be shit, so you better have fun with whatever you do.

One last thing. I’m not going to lie. Last Saturday morning, I was sitting on the floor, crying. Unsure about the meaning of life. Unsure about the meaning of me. What the fuck am I supposed to do with my life? I was convinced: Happiness is an illusion. There is no such thing as happy people, inside, everyone is miserable. So why even bother with living?

Well, after a few days. I now remember why… because you can. You have the opportunity. It is an invitation: Life is a party, you can either choose to go, or to not go (thanks Sydney!).

So, will you attend? And what will you bring to the party?